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It's Christmas at Mansion!

Welcome To Room Of The Week (MONTH!) - Christmas Edition!

Hosted by Molly

We are thrilled to announce the revival of "Room of the Week" (ROTW) for the festive month of December!

We are reviving ROTW for the entire month, with one month-long competition!

Get ready for an entire month of festive cheer as we embark on a delightful journey to create a Christmas-themed room at Mansion. This month-long event will be an exciting opportunity for our community to come together and showcase their creativity, spreading holiday joy throughout the Mansion.

Join us in the festivities to build a room that captures the magic and spirit of Christmas. Let the decorations, colours, and holiday vibes flow, turning our Mansion into a winter wonderland that reflects the warmth and joy of the season.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the spirit of giving, sharing, and celebrating as we bring back ROTW for a month-long Christmas extravaganza!


1st Place - Gold Badge, 250 Snow Points & 50 Diamonds

2nd Place - Silver Badge, 150 Snow Points & 30 Diamonds

3rd place - Bronze Badge, 100 Snow Points & 20 Diamonds



Other than the regular ROTW rewards, each participant will also receive an exclusive badge, a unique symbol of their contribution to the special ROTW at the Mansion.

Your room entry will be automatically entered into our special Christmas VIP Giveaway!


Decembers ROTW theme is...

We invite you to design Christmas-inspired rooms that capture the essence of the season in any way you envision.

Whether it's a traditional winter wonderland, a modern and chic holiday setup, or a whimsical take on Christmas, the possibilities are endless.

Get into the holiday spirit and showcase your unique interpretation of the Christmas spirit. We can't wait to see the diverse and imaginative rooms that will bring joy and cheer to our mansion!

- Please ensure to carefully read ALL of the rules before participating in ROTW,

as any rule breaking may result in future disqualification and/or prize deduction. -

Each user is allowed only ONE entry.

You cannot submit using more than ONE account.

Don't copy someone else's room

Don't copy an image off the internet

The ROTW room must be kept open.

The room MUST be built within the theme.

Usage of room ads within the room is prohibited to maintain fairness.


To submit your ROTW entry, you need to:

Say :apply command in-game in your ROTW room to submit your room (You can use this command from the starting room without needing to finish the room.)

Any rooms which are submitted with :apply and not fully finished won't be judged!


The deadline for all submissions will be:

Saturday, 23rd December, at 8pm UK BST / 3pm US Eastern Time.

This means you will have most of the month to complete and enter!

Any rooms submitted after the deadline will not be included in the count.

Kindly be aware that the judging of ALL entries will always take place outside of MansionPlay, ensuring an equal chance for everyone. This approach allows the entire community, including staff, to now fully enjoy ROTW!
The results for ROTW will be revealed after the deadline concludes.


That is all! Goodluck and have fun building!

If you have any questions or ideas for future themes, please contact molly in client or Discord.

(Click here to contact Molly in Discord)