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Welcome to Snapshot of the week!

Hosted by gloomy


Snapshot of the week also known as SOTW is a weekly article where you have the opportunity to show your building and photography skills.

Each week we will ask you to build a small room according to the theme and to send us a snapshot using the in-game camera.


Step 1: Build a small room using furniture related to the theme

Step 2: Wear an outfit related to the theme

Step 3: Ask friends to be in the photo (optional) 

Step 4: Use the in-game camera and take the best snapshot 


How to take a snapshot using in-game camera:


Rule 1: Small room has to be built entirely by you

Rule 2: The room design must be related to the theme

Rule 3: You must use the in-game camera function to save your snapshot


1st - Gold Badge, 250 Article Points & 50 Diamonds

2nd - Silver Badge, 150 Article Points & 30 Diamonds

3rd - Bronze Badge, 100 Article Points & 20 Diamonds


Congratulations to last week's winners!











Please find gloomy in game for the badge of your choice!


This week’s theme is:


Show me your best room and outfit based on the career/job of your choice!


To submit your snapshot go to Snapshot of the week under competitions in Mansion server!

Please make sure you have saved your photo from the in-game camera to your device


Deadline for all Snapshots this week is Thursday, May 25th at 11am EST

Make sure the photos are relevant to the theme and taken on the in-game camera!


That’s all this week for SOTW!

Any questions or theme ideas look for gloomy in client or on discord!

Anna #8814