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Happy Halloween at Mansion!

Welcome to Halloween Events at Mansion!

Hosted by your Mansion Team!

Throughout the month of October, we are thrilled to offer you a spooktacular month filled with all things Halloween-related!


Introducing Spooky Points, a brand-new currency exclusively for October at Mansion!

Throughout October, you can start accumulating Spooky Points through a special Pumpkin popup that appears every 2-3 minutes and from participating in our Halloween events. Each time you click on the Pumpkin popup, you'll receive up to 5 points!

If you play for a total of 4 hours a day and collect all the points by clicking on the popup, you could potentially earn up to 336 Spooky Points per day on average.

Winning in our Halloween events will reward you with a generous 20 Spooky Points.

Explore the Spooky Points catalogue, where various eerie items are available for purchase, ranging from 250 to 350 Spooky Points each.

You can snag hauntingly delightful badges for just 50 Spooky Points.

Keep an eye out for our Weekly Rares, priced between 35 to 120 Spooky Points per item, offering exclusive Halloween-themed collectibles that you won't want to miss! 


Test your skills by trying our new multi-room Halloween maze! Will you be able to beat them?

Our new maze will be featured in our Events UI! (Click the image below to go directly to the maze start!)

Upon entering our Pyramid Maze, navigating through all 4 mazes gives you’re the opportunity to collect new badges.

These are:




Mansion presents Halloween-themed events that are taking place right in the client! 

You'll have the chance to earn Spooky Points alongside your usual Article Points.

Throughout October, you'll have the opportunity to earn unique badges and Spooky Points by participating in our events.


During Halloween, you'll have the chance to earn Spooky Points from articles!

For every Mansion article you participate in, you'll receive a spooky treat of 20 Spooky Points!

1st - 50 Spooky Points

2nd - 40 Spooky Points

3rd - 30 Spooky Points


We have a brand-new achievement waiting for you, along with its accompanying badges. You can work towards completing this achievement while participating in our spooktacular Halloween events!

Tomb Breaker

You can complete this brand-new achievement and its milestones when hitting a tomb!




New Crackables!

When you purchase a crackable, you'll have a chance, with a certain percentage, to win new 'Tombs of Egypt' clothing and furniture items!

Craft exclusive 'Tomb of Egypt' furniture!

There will be a special crafting table where you can craft unique furnis! A certain quantity of each separate item will combine to craft a specific item.

In the case of the jars, you can simply purchase them directly from the catalogue. However, for the god's items, you'll need to gather the necessary materials and craft them using the special crafting table.

And don't forget, our brand-new 'Tomb of Egypt' themed custom rares will also be making their spine-tingling debut!

Stay tuned for these exclusive items.

That's all from the Mansion Team, this Halloween season at Mansion!

We hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween!

- Mansion Staff and Team