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Welcome to Outfit Of The Week #50!

OOTW is a weekly competition for users to have the opportunity to shine by submitting their outfits based on a theme!

This week's OOTW will be hosted by Katyah!

Before we get move onto the winners; This article signifies the 50th OOTW milestone!

As we celebrate the remarkable achievement of reaching the 50th milestone in the OOTW journey, we are profoundly grateful to every member of our vibrant community who has played a part in making this OOTW a success, week after week. Your creativity, dedication, and unwavering support have been the driving forces behind this milestone. Together, we've created incredible outfits that fuel our creativity, inspiring and captivating us all. Here's to the collective spirit that has brought us this far, and to the exciting chapters yet to unfold. Thank you for being an integral part of OOTW's incredible journey.

Thank you!

Here's to many-many more!


Please submit only ONE outfit per user

Please don’t use enables for the entry 

Blurry and low quality photos won't be judged

Backgrounds affecting the outfits are not allowed

Only submit an outfit based on the theme


1st: Gold Badge, 250 Article Points and 50 Diamonds

2nd: Silver Badge, 150 Article Points and 30 Diamonds

3rd: Bronze Badge, 100 Article Points and 20 Diamonds

PD: For OOTW #50 only, winners will get a hologram/statue with their winning outfit!

Good luck everyone!


Thank you to everyone who submitted an outfit! They were all amazing!

The winners of last weeks OOTW are:




You should recieve your Article Points and Diamonds automatically.

Please find Katyah in Mansion to choose your badge!


This week's OOTW theme is:

This week you can submit your favourite outfit, any style is accepted!

Please follow these instructions to submit your outfit:



Go to the #outfit-of-the-week channel in the competition section of the MansionPlay Discord Server.



Click the button in that channel to open a new #ootw submission ticket.



Go to the homepage and click in the edge of your avatar tile where it says "Copy Avatar Link" when you hover your mouse over it. After you click it, paste the link into your new #ootw channel on Discord.




Outfit Of The Week announcement goes live every Friday at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST.

Any entries submitted after the deadline will not be judged.


If you have any questions or ideas for future themes, please contact Katyah in client or Discord.