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Playing MansionPlay

As of 2021, many browsers no longer support Flash Player. From then on, you will have to play the new version (HTML5 MansionPlay) or download the MansionPlay program to play the full version.

What is HTML5 MansionPlay?
HTML5 MansionPlay is a beta version and alternative to play MansionPlay via any browser, phone or tablet without Flash Player. Unfortunately, some features may be missing. We will add the missing features as soon as possible, we promise!

I still prefer the old version
Flash Player is required to play the old (full version) FLASH MansionPlay. Unfortunately this is no longer included with most browsers and therefore you need to download the MansionPlay program to play the full version. You can download the MansionPlay program here on the right side of the screen.

For mobile users, it is also possible to play via Puffin Browser on iOS or Android. iOS or Android.

Which browsers support Flash Player?
Flash Browser

Help! I get a Windows/Mac untrusted/virus/defender warning!
Depending on your security settings you may receive a message warning you that the application is from an unknown (untrusted) publisher.

Windows instructions

MacOS instructions

You must purchase a Windows and / or Mac signing certificate to avoid a warning message.

I can't get to MansionPlay or have a problem!
That is very annoying! We recommend you to contact us through the live support or discord. If one of the versions doesn't work we recommend you to open a ticket or follow links here on the right side of the screen.