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Commands you need to know

Choose 2 corners with the furniture you want.
Type :autofill and double click on both of your furniture. this is a facilitator to cover a given space with the same type of furniture.
Automatically removes unused tiles in your room.
Type :autofloor while in your room.
Shows how many bots are in your room with their names and ID numbers.
Type :bots while in your room
This command allows other users to ring the doorbell to enter your room.
Type :closeroom while in your room
informs you about your momentary coordination
Disables your diagonal walk retype :diagonal to fix if you want
Removes furniture that other people have put in your room and sends the furniture to the owner's inventory.
Type :ejectall while in your room
Deletes all furniture from your inventory. Attention! Put the valuables in your inventory to your room, you don't want to lose them forever.
Type :empty Yes to confirm
Other uses: :emptypets :emptybots
If you have enough of the furniture you selected in your inventory, it puts the furniture you double-clicked on the entire floor of the room.
Shows which category the furniture you double-clicked is in the catalog.
Removes all furnis from your room.
Put your room up for sale for some diamonds. :sellroom <diamonds>
You buy the room for sale at the price determined by the owner.
Copies the furniture you specify to a place you want, if you have enough of the same furniture in your inventory.
:sand username
:snow username
:shoot username
you shoot at the user you specify
:frenchkiss username
You want permission to kiss the target user. The target user must approve.
:cuddle username
You want permission to cuddle the target user. The target user must approve.
:youtube videolink
You open the youtube video you want in your room.
:invite Your Text
to invite all online friends through the messenger! for example, let your online friends know about your new room to join it immediately.