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Hi everyone, Welcome To Room Of The Week #34!

Hosted by angel

Room of the week or also known as ROTW, is a building competition where you create a room based on a theme each week. Each week users will be able to show off their creativity and originality as well as various prizes to be won. 


Each user can only have ONE entry per week

You can't submit on more than ONE account

Don't copy someone else's room

Don't copy an image off the internet

Room MUST be built during the week of the theme


1st Place - Gold badge, 250 Article points & 50 Diamonds

  2nd Place - Silver badge, 150 Article points & 30 Diamonds

3rd place - Bronze badge, 100 Article points & 20 Diamonds


Thank you to everyone who submitted a room!

Here are your this weeks winners!




Congratulations to last week's winners and everyone who submitted an entry!

All prizes should have been given! To recieve a badge seek angel for which badge you would like!


This week's ROTW theme is:

This week's theme is a little different! This week your task is to create a room with ONE colour of your choice! The room can be anything you would like, it just has to be in one colour! 


To submit your ROTW entry:

Say :apply command in-game in your ROTW room to submit your room (you can make this command also from beginning room doesn’t need to be finished)

Any rooms which are submitted with :apply and not fully finished won't be judged!



The Deadline for all entries is Tuesday 28th March @11am UK time.

All rooms submitted after the deadline won’t be counted. Results for ROTW will be announced shortly after the deadline ends.


That is all for this week! Goodluck and have fun building!

Feel free to contact for any questions, future theme ideas or suggestions